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How To Use Landscaping To Grow Your Commercial Business

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

At its most basic, appealing landscape design in front of your business will help to draw in customers. A well-maintained space tells customers that you care about your business and indicates that you value quality — which in their minds translates to that you offer quality products and services.

But proper commercial landscaping can do so much more than that!

Read on to learn all the neat ways that good landscaping can help your business prosper.

Minimize Accidents

As a business, you’ll always run the risk of being responsible for people who get hurt on your property. You have a duty to make the area as safe as possible by addressing maintenance issues and the like.

However, you can also use your landscape design to help prevent accidents.

Think about what happens in the winter. Knoxville, Tennessee sometimes sees ice and snow when the temperature drops so it is important to make sure your customers are safe from slips and falls as much as possible. Keeping up on snow and ice removal is key but also the basic design and materials you use for your landscaping can help or hinder.

Additionally, creating specific walkways for pedestrians can limit the risk of cars striking them in your parking lot. When provided, most people will use the walkways. A hedge or line of small trees between the walkway and the parking lot can also reduce risk.

Minimize Loitering

Having people aimlessly hanging about in front of your business can inhibit customers from coming into your building. It just doesn’t look good to have people sitting on your steps or wandering about in front of the door.

To minimize this problem, give people a designated place they can be. It doesn’t have to be much, a couple of stone benches under a tree or a small, picturesque gazebo will do the trick. Just enough to give people waiting for a ride a place to sit while they wait or to give walkers a place to wait for the rain to die down before they set off.

People will also appreciate the gesture and it might even draw more people to your business.

Beautiful Barriers

Have an unsightly electrical box or dumpster that you would prefer to hide? Or maybe you don’t want people accessing certain areas like the maintenance shed? Keep them out or hide items with a decorative barrier. A lattice or fence with flowers or vines that climb is the perfect solution. You can keep private areas private without putting up obvious, ugly barriers.

Stand Out from Your Competition

You are constantly looking for ways to draw people to your business. Beautiful landscaping is a great way to do it! Trees or flowers that frame or draw the eye to your signs help people notice your business. Quaint walkways with colorful flowers along the path invite customers to come into your business.

More Productive Workers

Aside from your customers, beautiful landscaping has an effect on your employees, as well. Green spaces are known to help workers be more productive and your employees will appreciate a comfortable place to spend their breaks outdoors.

If it works for your place of business, you might even consider setting up an indoor green space or at least scattering indoor plants throughout your building.

Help with the Right Landscape Design

Here at Southern Shade Landscaping, we offer so much more than just basic lawn care. We can help you create a landscape design that will do all this and more. Once you have approved the concept, we can help you install your new landscaping and you’ll see for yourself the difference it will make for your business.

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