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The Seasonal Landscaping Advice You'll Want To Take...

Fall has taken hold and winter is almost here in Knoxville, Tennessee and many homeowners are planning to take a break from yard work.

If you’re one of them, drop whatever you’re doing and read this article. This time of year offers the opportunity for a number of landscaping tasks that will ensure you have a gorgeous lawn and garden, when spring arrives. If you don’t take advantage of them now, you’ll miss your chance.

Find out what seasonal landscaping tasks you should be focused on right now!

Be Prudent with Your Use of Mulch

You might have heard that it is a good idea to spread mulch around young trees and plants to protect their roots from the winter’s cold. It is a good idea — but only when done well. Poor mulching practices can limit or destroy your plant.

A common problem is “mulch volcanoes”. This term refers to piling a mountain of mulch around the plant in such a way that the plant seems to be erupting out of it like a volcano. This is bad and can harm or even kill your plant. That mound sloughs water away from the young plant’s roots. Plus, if the mulch is too thick the water can’t get down to the roots anyway.

If you use a type of mulch that doesn’t disintegrate, you’ll have to know when to remove it in the spring. To cut down on this extra work, we recommend chopping up your fall leaves to use as mulch. It will disintegrate over the winter and offer extra nutrients to your plants. Win-win!

Be Prudent About Pruning

You might pat yourself on the back for staying on top of pruning the shrubs and trees in your yard. After all, an overgrown yard is unsightly. However, doing it wrong is almost worse than not doing it at all.

Why? Pruning a shrub or tree at the wrong time can stunt its growth and even prohibit it from blooming the following spring. Before you pull out your pruning shears, always check the recommended time frame for your particular shrubs.

If you have a variety of plants, that might mean you have to do your pruning in a few little spurts rather than one fell swoop. But if you want them all to bloom, you have to be aware of this.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Landscape Design

Whether you’re working on residential or commercial landscaping, the right landscape design is imperative for achieving your landscaping goals. For example, if you want a low-maintenance yard, you’ll need to choose the right mix of low-maintenance plants, hardscapes, and other landscaping features.

If you prefer a thriving garden, overflowing with colorful blooms, just know that you’ll have to put in some effort and will be faced with seasonal landscaping tasks all year round.

Ready for Stunning Landscaping?

Need help with designing your landscaping? Or perhaps you’ve already got something you like but need a hand with the maintenance?

Schedule your free consultation with Southern Shade Landscaping. We offer experienced, professional and reliable landscaping and lawn care professionals that can help you take your yard to the next level.

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